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March 2019 Newsletter!

Welcome March—Farmers Grain is ready for SPRING! Like you, we are sure tired of the dark days of winter and all the problems that season brings to us. March is usually full of up and down weather but at least it’s staying light longer and we have hope of some nice days to come.

For many of you the Spring season also brings new babies to your farm. New livestock means you might need to adjust your feed rations. Nursing mamas burn through a lot more calories and a tasty creep feed gets those babies off to a great start. Keeping young animals growing optimally through those early months helps your bottom line stay in the black instead of the red. Early gain is efficient gain!

As much as we love to see Spring arrive, she also brings our old nemesis The Fly back with her. Consider adding an AFC formula to your feed for fly control. For best results you need to add it BEFORE fly season so it’s already working in the manure as soon as those pesky insects try to lay those early eggs. We have fly ribbons and Dairy Bomb for the ones who escape. Every fly you kill early doesn’t reproduce for the rest of the season. Hopefully your neighbor is doing the same! 📷

We have a good stock of Colostrurx which is first day bovine colostrum. If you are a cattle producer this is a good product to have on hand. If you need it, it’s one less thing to worry about during a busy calving season. We are currently carrying 2 brands of calf milk replacer. One is a non-medicated product called Commercial Calf from Kent and the second is a product from Moorman’s with Bovatec. Neither of these milk replacers require a VFD for purchase.

Speaking of VFDs…..remember that some of those early creep feeds require a VFD (Veterinary Feed Directive) due to the medications they contain. It’s really important to keep those young animals healthy—your vet can help you decide what your situation requires.

Check out our website! It’s new! We have a lot of plans for the website and the Facebook page to make communication with you easier. You can always call or stop by, of course, but we know how busy you are. If technology makes it easier for you to communicate with us, we are ready! Our email is If you have any suggestions please let us know—we want to serve your needs.

Andy has been writing diets like crazy—is your ration still working for you? Stop by or give us a call and we will put you on the list for a “tune up”. This is the advantage of CUSTOM grind and mix. We are making exactly what you need!

It’s not too early to decide what you are going to feed your show animals this year. We have lots of options for you, come in and talk to us. We want you to add more “blues and purples” to your ribbon collection this season and hopefully a trophy or two! No question is too small!

Andy Howe, Manager, and the rest of the crew at Farmers Grain & Supply

574-595-7101 or 574-643-9288 Andy’s cell is 574-581-1106

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