"Hunter Nutrition manufactures a diverse line of products. We have toll milled rabbit, cavy, sheep, goat, horse, beef, pigeon, and deer feed for other regional and national feed companies. We make the most complete line of Sheep Feeds in the country, over 25 different products!"


A complete 16% protein pelleted feed in a mini pellet form. Clean, dust free pellet is very palatable and is made with highly digestible ingredients, no cheap fillers. Feed GOAT 1600 R as the sole source of grain to growing/finishing kids, show goats and any goat needing a 16% protein ration. Highly fortified ration contains 30 grams per ton of Rumensin for coccidois control. Also contains ammonium chloride for prevention of calculi.



This is an oat based, texturized, sweet feed. It is an excellent feed for show and working horses, as well as some young horses. Contains oats, cracked corn, molasses, soybean oil, and a pelleted supplement

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The ‘new’ 18 Show Lamb will improve both performance and show ring results. 18 Show Lamb now has increased barley and an increased fiber level to address the needs of today’s market lambs. High levels of vitamins and minerals, along with rumen health improving ingredients will give every lamb the best opportunity to stay on feed and be healthy during the stressful show season. We have also added Bovamine Defend as a beneficial probiotic (beneficial bacteria) to improve rumen health, disease resistance, livestock performance, and aid in a reduction in pathogens.

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Hay Saver Pellet is a combination of soy hulls, soybean meal, alfalfa meal and some added minerals to make Hay Saver Pellet a hay replacement. Hay Saver Pellet is a Hunter Nutrition formulation which is fed to replace good quality hay and/or supplement poorer quality hay. Its protein is almost as high as alfalfa pellets, but the ingredient combination allows for a lower price.